About Research & Development Institute (RDI)

Research & Development Institute, Inc. (RDI) is a solutions driven organization specializing in the management of Clinical Trials, Sample Collection Sites and Laboratory Testing Facilities. RDI also specializes in the collection of biological material from a myriad of diagnostics and demographics for clinical research studies. These studies range from those aimed at advancement of new diagnostic tests and instrumentation, to finding cures for the many prevalent diseases. RDI studies and collections are performed under IRB approvals following FDA guidelines of GCP throughout wholly owned or affiliated subsidiaries around the world.

RDI services include sample collection, assay validation, and pharmaceutical studies. RDI sites range from private medical practices to hospitals in order to provide the most extensive donor/participant database. This database is comprised of individuals from well represented demographics as well as diagnostic backgrounds thus guaranteeing our research sponsors the most diverse donor pool for conducting clinical trials and research studies.

RDI networks with large reference labs for assay validation. Through these relationships, RDI can conduct validation studies on any IVD platform for any analyte.

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